Environmental Protection

High- and low temperatures, vibrations, drops, shocks... our products can be used in nearly any environment.

Support & Service

We know that to sell a product is not enough. We guide you through your purchase and we're there when you need help.

Customized Solutions

Our products are suitable for a lot of application, but we also can design devices especially for your needs (OEM).

Great Value for Money

We propose professional equipment for professional use. That doesent meant it has to be expensive! Contact our team today.

Optimized for Outdoor Use …too!

Our rugged tablets and smartphones adapt to indoor and outdoor environments.

Water resistant

Our devices are at least rain proof, most of them more, and some of them even submersible.

Outdoor Readable Displays

Enhanced backlights and optimized display technologies make our devices readable even in bright environmental conditions.

Strong Rear Cover

We are part of the ARCHOS Group which gives us access to an unique expertise in firmware and certification in Europe and a worldwide distribution network. Learn more about