Environmental Protection

High and low temperatures, vibrations, drops, shocks, humidity... our rugged products can be used in all environments.

Support & Services

We are sure that selling only one product is not enough. We guide you through your purchase and are there when you need help.

Tailor-made solutions

Our products are suitable for all applications and we can also design tablets and Smartphones especially for your needs (OEM).

Excellent value

We offer professional equipment for professional use. That doesn't mean it has to be expensive! Contact our sales team today.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Water resistant

Our rugged tablets and smartphones are at least rainproof, most of them waterproof, and some submersible.

Readable outside

Improved backlights and optimized display technologies make our screens readable even in very bright environments.

Subsidiary of a large group

We are part of the ARCHOS group, pioneer in consumer electronics. ARCHOS offers tablets, smartphones and connected objects worldwide. With a head office in France, offices in Europe and Asia, it has become a key pan-European player that intends to continue its international expansion. Learn more