A brief overview

Founded in 1987 and headquartered near Paris

Profound market knowledge in manufacturing and customization

AQAP 2110 (NATO quality assurance system) certified

Two times labeled as « Innovative Company » by OSEO

Manufacturer of mobile computers for professional applications

Subsidiaries in Germany (1999) and office in Great Britain

NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) number

Part of the ARCHOS group - consumer electronic manufacturer, >170M€

Years in Business
Developed Products
7 000+
Happy Customers

Who we are

We are an AQAP 2110 certified supplier of rugged mobile computers since 1987 headquartered in France, with subsidiaries in Germany and office in UK, focused on markets that need high levels of ruggedness and environmental protection.

We excel in providing complete customer specific hardware solutions that are tailored to the application. Industry and Military customers across the globe have employed our solutions throughout their organizations for more than 34 years. Our global organization works directly with its customers and also employs a broad technical competent partner network to address customer specific applications and support requirements.

Our products are designed, tested and manufactured to MIL-STD-810G, IEC and NEMA standards. They could be easily adapted to customers’ specific solutions. Systems are assembled and tested.

Our approach

Our customers emphasize efficient solutions that increase the productivity of their company. In order to get the most out of it, in many cases it’s simply not enough to buy out-of-the-box, rather it requires an individual tailored solution.

By adding or dropping various options, our rugged Fieldbook tablets already fit the most standard business applications. In addition, with our sophisticated accessory program, the Fieldbook tablets covers 90% of all cases. For all other cases, we develop according to customer’s requirement; either modifications on the tablets itself or additional accessories like vehicle and office docking stations or special interfaces.

Our long experience in designing and developing mobile computing solutions contributes significant to an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Our Fieldbook Products

In developing our Fieldbooks we place great value on quality, reliability and customizability. The from the outset planned expansion capability allows us to tailor the tablets to the customer application without great effort and thus without major cost factors.

Fieldbook’s key benefits:

  • Rugged and reliable (Tested to industrial and military standards)
  • Outdoor readable displays
  • Long battery life and/or hot-swappable battery concepts
  • Long-term availability
  • Customizable
  • Higher ROI compared with consumer tablets
  • Direct (human) support contacts

What other people say about us


LOGIC INSTRUMENT is your #1 partner when it comes to rugged mobile computing!