General Sales Conditions

Any order implies that the buyer accepts these conditions. Hence, no contrary clause may be invoked if not formally accepted by the seller. The information contained in the catalogues, notes and scales of charges are only given as an indication. LOGIC INSTRUMENT may need to modify them at any time without advance notification following changes in technical or economic conditions.

All orders, either direct or through our representatives, will only be binding when confirmed by an acknowledgment from LOGIC INSTRUMENT.

Any change notified on the acknowledgement will be deemed to be accepted by the client unless the client notifies LOGIC INSTRUMENT in writing of their opposition to the change within a maximum of 8 days from the date of the acknowledgement. In the event that the buyer wishes to cancel an order, it may only be cancelled with the consent of LOGIC INSTRUMENT and under conditions which will compensate for any losses caused by such a cancellation.

All prices are exclusive of tax; when shipped from our warehouse, postage, packaging and VAT are extra. The offers are only valid within the limits of the offer period, which unless otherwise stated is one month.

The delivery time is stated on the order acknowledgement and is intended only as an indication. It is not a commitment by LOGIC INSTRUMENT to deliver on the expected date. LOGIC INSTRUMENT will not be responsible for any losses which may be incurred due to delays in delivery, for any reason. The goods travel at the risk of the consignee, whatever the mode of transport, the terms of settlement or the cost of transportation. It is the responsibility of the buyer to perform any checks, to make the usual provisions for the arrival of the material and to make, if applicable within the legal time frame, any claim against the provider. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify delivery compliance and the proper functioning of the equipment. Any claim must be notified to LOGIC INSTRUMENT in writing within 8 days of the delivery date. After this time, no claim will be considered.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be sent in Euros to the company’s head office. For any customer who does not have an account with LOGIC INSTRUMENT, payment is due when the order is placed. For customers who have an account with LOGIC INSTRUMENT, our payment terms are:

  • 30% by cheque when the order is placed.
  • Net balance of the invoice within 30 days by bank draft in our favour.


Pursuant to section 178 of the Public Procurement Code, administrations are required to send a settlement within a period not exceeding 45 days after the date of receipt of goods. Any delay automatically entails the payment of default interest.

In the event of late payment, and following application of law 92-1442 of 31 December 1992, the purchaser will be fully liable for a penalty calculated by applying one and a half times the legal rate of interest on the sums due.

Any debt will automatically become payable in full immediately and any ongoing contracts will be cancelled or suspended:

  • if a bill presented for acceptance is not returned within eight days, accepted and domiciled
  • if an outstanding debt is not settled.


By express agreement, any delay or failure to pay results in:

  • the application of interest at bank base rate plus 5 points
  • the application of a penalty of 10% of the total sums due as compensation for the recovery costs.


The buyer is not permitted to make an outstanding claim against LOGIC INSTRUMENT the grounds for deferring settlement of a payment, in whole or in part, or to provide compensation.

Ownership of equipment is retained by LOGIC INSTRUMENT until full payment has been received. In this respect, the presentation of a banker’s draft or any other such device creating an obligation to pay, does not constitute payment within the meaning of this provision. In the event of non-compliance with a payment deadline by the buyer, LOGIC INSTRUMENT, without the loss of any rights, may require the return of property at the purchaser’s expense to settle the debt in full by any means at its convenience. The buyer will bear the burden of risk in the event of loss or destruction of goods upon delivery.

The warranty period is stipulated in the conditions laid out in the offer and takes effect from the date of delivery. Defective equipment must be returned in its original packaging.

LOGIC INSTRUMENT reserves the right to refuse any returned equipment which is not correctly packaged. During the warranty period LOGIC INSTRUMENT may choose to repair or exchange, at their discretion, any defective parts without charge. In no case will this exchange extend the warranty of the equipment. The repair is done in our workshops. Transportation costs to and from the workshop are borne by the buyer. The warranty does not cover replacements or repairs resulting from the normal wear of equipment, damage or accidents resulting from negligence, lack of supervision, maintenance or storage, handling or use which does not comply with the specifications of LOGIC INSTRUMENT or the manufacturer.

The warranty will not apply if any repair or intervention by a person other than that of the after-sales service of LOGIC INSTRUMENT has been identified. In no event can LOGIC INSTRUMENT be held liable for direct or indirect consequences to persons or property due to a failure of equipment sold. No compensation can therefore be claimed in any capacity whatsoever, including the enjoyment of property.

In the event of any dispute, the courts of Pontoise have jurisdiction, whatever the conditions of sale and method of payment accepted, including in the case of appeals under guarantee or multiple defendants.

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