TEMPEST: Logic Instrument project management: study, design, certification

Protecting sensitive data has always been a concern for state security agencies. It is even more so today due to the proliferation of mobile communication devices such as laptops, smartphones and peripherals of all kinds such as USB keys.
The TEMPEST standard refers to measurements related to electromagnetic waves emitted by devices including computers or mobile phones and containing sensitive information and whose EMC radiation can be intercepted remotely without direct access to the device.
The TEMPEST NATO-SDIP 27 standard is broken down into 3 security levels defining the distances at which a device’s data is protected against interception. These distances range from 1m to more than 100m and characterize the Levels A, B & C of protection. Level A being the most severe.

Logic Instrument delivered a ruggedized laptop solution that complies with the TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A standard, to a state agency in charge of internal and external state security. Project manager of the solution, Logic Instrument, using GETAC X500 hardened laptops, customized the laptops before bringing them into compliance with the TEMPEST standard before approval by the LSF (Wireless Laboratory) of the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security). The solution includes a Tempest USB external hard drive connected to the PC. Thanks to the solutions designed by Logic Instrument, sensitive data will be well protected.