Logic Instrument rugged laptops put to the test.

Deep Time is a unique scientific mission never before carried out in a group, the objective of which was to understand the links between our brain and time as well as the capacity for functional synchronization within a group.

15 team members – men and women – lived for 40 days in the cave of Lombrives in Ariège without access to sunlight or any time indicator. The environment was particularly hostile for the participants but also for the equipment with a temperature of 10°C and a constant humidity rate of 100% in the cave. Many electronic and computer equipment did not resist this environment. The data collected will be used for research in areas such as: space travel, the installation of human groups on other extraterrestrial territories, life in a confined environment during long missions – submarines, immersive missions ,… – , improving working conditions for people working underground: miners, tunnel boring machines,… and many more.

The mission used DURABOOK rugged laptops provided by Logic Instrument for 40 days non-stop for data collection and processing. Waterproof (IP65) and designed to withstand the harshest environments, they have accomplished their mission perfectly.

« The ambient conditions in the cave and in particular the 100% humidity have particularly tested the electronic equipment. The PCs from Logic Instrument were a great help because they were very reliable and robust », said Christian Clot, Expedition Director.

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