Robert Bosch GmbH, the owner of the test center in Boxberg, where many of the tests for new products from Bosch are performed, has commissioned mm-lab GmbH to implement in this test center an integrated end-to-end management system. The test center offers its users a variety of facilities (test tracks, workshops, offices, etc.) and services for the conduct of test programs as well as the implementation of customer events.

One focus of the new system, is the customer-friendly support of the business processes of this test center, which as a profit center also used by external customers. From web-based booking to registration at the reception desk, more efficient usage of the test tracks and on to billing the customers will be offered future services in an even more flexible way: they can perfectly focus just on carrying out their driving tests.

Furthermore, the system also increases the security of the test drivers in the conduct of driving tests: with a continuous GPS-based tracking of test vehicles, combined with a high-availability, integrated data/voice communication on the basis of a wireless solution supplied by Alvarion, the recognition of risk of accidents is improved. Critical conditions, such as driving backwards on a high-speed track against the driving direction are detected automatically by the software, and all relevant drivers as well as the control center will be warned in no time.

The solution also provides a comprehensive access control on individual test modules. These booked modules are unlocked for the corresponding registered customers and secured in real time by the system’s integrated barrier system.

mm-lab’s Telematics Platform is the foundation on which the Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) and other software services for both the control center as well as for the on-board equipment have been integrated. In addition to tracking vehicle positions, security and access control, there are the accounting and telephony features especially matching the operation of the test center (e.g. automatic multiparty call generation) and a sophisticated paging system integrated under a unified operational concept. The programs written in Java are managed by an OSGi framework delivered by ProSyst. Upgrading the software on the vehicle equipment is controlled by Bosch headquarters and carried out via the test center’s internal wireless system.

Logic Instrument provides the robust vehicle devices of the type TETRApad H1 that allow the tracking of vehicles plus the secure hands-free communication with the control center and between the drivers. The terminals do normally not require an external antenna, and can be installed in the car in less than a minute.

“mm-lab is prime contractor for a turnkey solution that is perfectly adapted to our requirements and presents itself as an ideal partner integrating hard- and software to an effective and efficient management system for our proving ground. This system enables us to offer our customers an even better service quality,” says Dr. Kurt Engelsdorf (operations manager of the test center Boxberg). The project, which will go into commercial operation in November, has successfully started with the acceptance of the communications infrastructure, and telephony functions, another important milestone. “The developments are on schedule.” says mm-lab project manager Steffen Firchau.

The solution for Boxberg is a reference project: as part of the purpose of global harmonization of business processes in the test centers of Bosch, the introduction of the management system, with certain adjustments to local conditions, is foreseen to other centers such as in Sweden and China.

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