Rugged solution for construction inspections​


Rugged solution for construction inspections

The employee form autobahnplus Services GmbH looks intently. With a camera, he takes a picture of a point and makes a quick note of something on his writing pad. His task: The construction inspection on the 52-kilometer concession section, the highways BAB A8 and BAB A99 motorway Eschenried junction near Munich. The construction is being checked for defects and damages according to DIN 1076. His problem: When his work is done, the employee has many notes and pictures – assigning the data proves to be very time consuming and involves a certain potential for error, as is always the case with the manual transmission of data.

Mobile data collection with a tablet

Market research on systems with automated data recording for documentation according to DIN 1076 was unsuccessful. At the end of 2012, the company autobahnplus Services GmbH decided to develop a mobile IT solution on their own to replace the notepad and camera. A program was developed based on Microsoft Excel that makes the basic data of structures and various catalogs as well as image files combinable and makes the data storable in a tamper-proof manner without any intermediate steps. The damage and corresponding images were registered directly on site using the tablet and were saved as a PDF file – a simple and quick process.

Solution required

During another review of the route in early 2013, the “everyday work life” hit hard: An employee falls during the construction inspection, the tablet falls on a stone and is no longer functional. The result: An inspection is no longer possible and delays threaten. “We therefore looked for a robust mobile device, which we can rely on,” said Emin Sentürk from maintenance management. The choice fell on the Fieldbook B1 from LOGIC INSTRUMENT. It ideally meets the requirements of autobahnplus: The industrial tablet is IP65 and MIL-STD810 G-certified and withstands falls up to a height of 1.80 meters. In reviewing the sections, the employee can rely on the readability of the touchscreen display – no matter how much sun is shining. The long battery life of nine hours and robustness create the high and desired level of reliability.

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