The rugged 8’’ Fieldbook tablet K80G2 monitors geotechnical drillings.

Geobox® from APAGEO is a recorder device built with a rugged tablet from logic Instrument, the Fieldbook K80G2 model. Numerous programs and monitoring software running on the tablet aim to record data of pressuremeter tests and drillings. The K80G2 tablet is mounted on a cradle that is fixed to the equipment with a fixation arm.

Once the data are recorded in the Geobox® they can be transmitted over the 4G network to a post processing computer generally located at the customer site. Data can then be processed for later analysis and reports.

Geotechnical drilling is a harsh environment for equipment and devices. Designed to survive in extreme conditions, the Fieldbook K80G2 tablet is robust enough to withstand heat and cold , vibrations, shocks, dust and projection of liquids or rain. In addition, its outdoor readable screen makes it easy to read for the operator.

« We were looking at the replacement of an old device. We’ve been running a 12 month evaluation phase to select a new device that meets our requirements. We finally opted for the Fieldbook K80G2 that combines all our needs such as ruggedness, reliability and good performances for running our applications. It also features a sunlight readable display and has a good price/specs ratio », Lionel Daré , IT Manager, says.

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APAGEO, a French company, specializes in geotechnical studies for several decades. With a proven expertise in geotechnology, APAGEO operates around the world via a network of local offices and resellers in Europe, Africa, Latin America, South East Asia and Middle East.

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