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Public security at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan
LOGIC INSTRUMENT, one of the leading manufacturers of rugged computers for extreme environments, has signed a new contract with the Ministry of the Interior of Azerbaijan. This first contract with Azerbaijan amounts more than one million euros for the purchase of Fieldbook A1 rugged Tablet PCs. The solution will be integrated into the police vehicles to provide better security management for the region, including the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, held in May 2012 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Public security ensured by LOGIC INSTRUMENT’s Fieldbook A1

LOGIC INSTRUMENT, known for the quality of its services and products, was selected by the Ministry of the Interior of Azerbaijan to supply the full-rugged Fieldbook A1 Tablet PC. After delivering the first batch of Fieldbooks in 2011 as part of the validation phase, LOGIC INSTRUMENT will provide the rest of the command in the first quarter of 2012.

Integrated into the police cars or used by staff outside, the Tablet PC will initially ensure the maintenance of order and identity checks during the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Thereafter, they will be used daily by the police for information management and navigation on the ground.

During a major event such as the Eurovision Song Contest, public safety is a key issue. For this it is essential to equip the teams with the best tools and security solutions. Intended for the off-road use, the Fieldbook A1 meets also the expectations of the police for data security and communication devices: options like 3G, GPS and an integrated docking station for fixing the device in the vehicle, the Fieldbook A can also be connected to a TETRA radio, a digital radio system designed for police forces, emergency services, etc…

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