Fieldbook Secure : A complete secure smartphone

To respond to increased needs for improved secure communications on smartphones (voice, SMS, data), ERCOM and Logic Instrument announce a complete secure smartphone solution.

Featuring a fast octa-core processor with 1.7GHz, the Fieldbook Secure runs even demanding business applications on its Android 5.0 operating system. The integrated 4G LTE offers blazing fast mobile data access, while the GPS interface delivers precise data for navigation and other geo-location applications.

The integrated 13MP camera captures images and videos in high quality and displays them on the 6-inch multi-touch screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. The enhanced backlight enables optimal readability even in bright outdoor environments. “Physical Security” is guaranteed through the IP68 certification, meaning that the Fieldbook Secure survives in the desert as well as underwater. It can withstand falls from up to 1m in height.

Installed on the Fieldbook F1, Cryptosmart-Mobile Suite prevents workers from major security threats: lost or stolen devices, eavesdropping and logical intrusion on handset. The Cryptosmart-Mobile Suite secures mobile phones for all communications (voice, data, mail, SMS) and on all networks (GPRS, Edge, 3G, LTE, HSDPA, Wi-Fi®, Satellite, etc). It is a cost-effective solution, and it provides the first truly user-friendly secure mobile voice solution. It includes a set of security software and a patented encryption technology embedded in a fully secured Smart Card (EAL5+ certified chip and applet certified EAL4+).

Combined with Cryptosmart-Gateway, mobile users can securely communicate with everyone in their organization without needing to install secure phones on every desk. Cryptosmart-Mobile Suite also provides strong authentication, secure lock screen, transparent local encryption of all user data, remote wipe, and a local firewall.

The combination of such a high-performance mobile device and a state-of-the-art encryption solution guarantees best security to digital data exchanges (voice, SMS, data).


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